Todays Plan of Action


Weather Report

Not too bad today, a bit dark and gloomy still, but not raining yet!!!

Todays plan of Action

I have lots of things to do today, like ironing and hoovering, catching up on adding more products to the shop and still have at least 6 patterns to type up, I seem to be able to make the items quicker than I can type. I like to try and keep my afternoons free for crochet or knitting.

Well that was the idea but my order has arrived from Stylecraft oops

Lovely colours from the Batik range

Lovely colours from the Batik range

and more Aran colours….


And so here is my problem where do I find a home for them before Phil comes home?

Phew an hour later and all added to stock and I found a home to hide them, welllll almost all of them…

Working to the end of my yarn

I was playing chicken with my yarn this week, I did not want to stop in the middle of a row so I fold the yarn in half and place a loop if it works past the loop I know I can’t do another row.


Another Sophia Scarf completed. This is a Schoppel Wolle Zauberball 4 Ply - Frische Fische (1564) - 100g

I have loved using this yarn I think I crochet faster so that I can see which colour is coming next.

Other Projects

Louise and I are still working on our shawl from Stephen West and it going to take me some time before it is finished.

I have a crazy jacket that I am working on it is using up lots of odd balls of fancy yarns that I have collected and stashed away for years.

I still have a few bits and bobs to finish off hidden in bags in the cupboard under the stairs, my cupboard of doom. Do you have a cupboard of doom?

I am still catching up on knitting squares I am hundreds of weeks behind.

It is taking a long time because we are making 2 of each. It is a partwork 4 weeks every month with 1 or 2 squares in each week. It is from

Loving some of them but some are a bit strange. I will send a pic next week as I intend to get them all out of the cupboard to see if I can join any together yet.

Right hope everyone is fit and well

Bye for now

Ali xxx