Knitting, Christmas and Crochet

Hi welcome to everyone

Weather Report

Today has started out very cold but quite bright. 

Knitting squares

I have made a bit of progress on my squares this week. 

Here is the picture of the ones I had done earlier


And here is my progress I have also managed to sew some together and knit a few more…


This weeks day out

Phil and I have been out to York to do a bit of Christmas shopping and take photographs. It was very busy and we enjoyed the quieter areas and took a few photos of the Minster, unfortunately it had been frosty overnight and they had closed the city walls incase it was icy this was one of the areas we wanted to take photos of the Minster. So we will need to go again.


We had finished earlier than expected so decided to go to Whitby for the sunset and we were really pleased that we did. 

We were rewarded with a very high tide and a rough sea, with a beautiful sky.




We have also put up our Christmas decorations this week, that is very early for me.


I have even found all of my beaded baubles and put them up as well I did not realise I had made so many

Some of these were my own designs and some from Spellbound and other designers.


Louise has been busy showing all the lovely projects she has been working on this year and it has made me feel that I have not completed much, so here are a few of my pieces of work.

I designed a sheep


Worked the squares for Louise’s design for a Strawberry blanket.

Florence Elizabeth and her Bedtime clothes.

Started Stephen Wests mystery Kal that is still a work in progress


Made a teddy bear blanket pattern to follow soon

Worked a Twisted cowl pattern

Knitted 2 pairs of socks and 2 odd socks which I pulled out.

Sophia scarf pattern

Oh and designed 3 mandala patterns.

That seems a few more than I remembered plus we spent many days over the summer dying yarn and winding yarn and weighing yarn

So we have both had a productive year..

Have a Merry Christmas

Ali xxx