Dark and Dismal

Good Morning

Weather Report

Very windy dark dismal and raining here today

I don’t feel like doing much at all, unfortunately I have lots to do

Trip Away

This time for my birthday its is not yet but I did not want to be away closer to Christmas this year.

We have been to Liverpool for a few days

We went by train and I crocheted on the way there only to find I did not like the solid feel so pulled it out and used a bigger hook, I still did not like it so pulled it out again. Back to the drawing board….


Liverpool was very interesting we stayed in the Titanic Hotel and although we loved it and the staff were great, our room was huge, I think the bathroom was bigger than one of the rooms we stayed in in Scotland earlier this year, we found it a bit too far out from the centre of Liverpool.

It is a dark hotel with no views, the area around is being developed and it may be lovely in a few years time, but at the moment not pleasant walking back in the dark.

Our room was lovely….


The entrance…


It took these ladies a full day to put up the huge tree in the entrance.

Of course we saw the statues of the Beatles not that I was a fan but you just have to take a picture.


The Library

The library has been modernised inside and the outside is still the old building it is really worth a visit.


I thought that the reading room at the library was fantastic with beautiful wrought iron stairs and polished wood panels and shelves my idea of heaven, I do have many many books.


We crossed the Mersey on the ferry and had coffee at the Tate

There is really a lot to see……. we need to go back again to see the rest…..

My work

I didn't think that I have worked on much this year but thinking about that earlier this week I made the Wendy, Wilber and Wesley sheep, the squares for Louise’s Strawberry blanket, bedtime clothes for Florence Elizabeth, three Mandalas and a couple of scarves, there are of course many WIPs in the cupboard, which have been shelved for a while or forever.


I am really into experimenting with different stitches and not really making full projects.

Oh and finally I have been working on some more you tube videos for Crochet stitches and tutorials.

Happy days

Ali xxx