Louise's Blogmas Days 20 - Favourite projects of 2018

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Favourite projects of 2018

The year of relearning to knit


What I have been making?

I have started the heel flap on my Monet socks today.

I first learnt to knit when I was very young but never ever finished a project. I used to enjoy knitting dolls but very quickly got bored. I always preferred crocheting as I could make items quicker. 2018 seems to have be the year of relearning to knit.

Learning to knit socks

I was determined to learn to knit socks this year. I have made around ten pairs during the year. It has been fun learning which techniques I enjoy the most and getting the best fit of sock.

My favourite sock pattern so far: Rose City Rollers

Vertices Unite

Vertices Unite is probably the item I have enjoyed knitting the most this year. It is a pattern by Stephen West. I really would love to make another one. He has since released a similar pattern called Textures Unite, which will be on my 2019 to make list.

Tatty Blanket

This is a crochet blanket I designed to use up all the bits of scraps yarn I have collected over the year, which is large amount. I wanted a blanket which blended all the mixtures of sock yarn colours together so I held them together with a plain cream yarn.

Tatty Blanket Pattern

Testing Florence Elizabeth

Early in the year Mam designed a new crochet doll pattern, Florence Elizabeth. I really enjoyed testing the pattern and even made a second doll.

What have I done today?

The boys break up from school tomorrow so I been doing some final Christmas preparations and even one last trip to Tesco (hopefully) luckily is wasn’t too busy this morning.

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