Wool, Dye and Hooks

Well hello its Tuesday again already,  

Weather Report

Horrid, dull and raining this morning, its early though so I hope that it might change.


Where do you keep your crochet hooks?

I have most of my new ones in a large craft bag, some in a pencil case, the tunisian ones are in a box with the knitting needles which are the same make ( have I told you before I am not a happy knitter, I do keep trying though)  and the rest in a bigger zip up bag, I am afraid that my first hooks that I loved to use have now been relegated to the zip up  bag they were Aero made in the UK, and were just right for me, unfortunately Aero stopped making them in the UK and starting making them in other countries, sadly they were not the same. My favourite ones now are the modern ones with the bigger colourful handles.

Hooks really do need to be a certain length from the thumb hold to the end of the hook if they are too long or too short for my fingers I can't used them.

I find it hard to use hooks without a thumb hold as well, because they spin round as I am working. So I guess I am a collector of hooks, not always for use sometimes just because I like them.


Some of my decorative hooks and ones that are not suitable for my hands


Favourite stitch

One of my favourite stitches is crossed treble, I think that it gives a nice texture to a crochet fabric.

I have used it in many projects I used it in Flora Bag, for blankets and squares. If you have not tried this one yet watch the video on my youtube channel to help you start.



This weeks exciting day

Exciting but very tiring, my friend Sarah and I worked in our garage all day

I set it up the day before and started some of the mordants, we have had the best dyeing day, we managed to get lots of different colours using natural dried flowers and grasses as well as onion skins and frozen berries.

We also used different yarns to dye, lace weight, 4ply, double knitting and a lovely hank of merino wool that Sarah brought and some strange yarn from Russia or somewhere that we didn't know what it was.

I have only had one go before and achieved a pale lemon  colour, but our results on Thursday were super.

All I need to do now is to try it out to see if the colour comes off on my hands.


This was hard work it involves soaking the yarn, adding to the mordant then adding to the dye, rinsing and drying then washing and drying again.

Finally winding into balls ready to use..... can't wait to have the time to try some.


Well this has taken some time I guess I better go and get ready


Phil is off work today and I started this just after 6.00am and now it is 8.14am it takes me so long to do, I knew that it took a while but I don't normally check how long, note to self stop waffling..


Bye for now

Ali xxx